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Spark Partitions with Coalesce and Repartition (hash, range, round robin)

One main advantage of the Apache Spark is, it splits data into multiple partitions and executes operations on all partitions of data in parallel which allows us to complete the job faster.While working with partition data we often need to increase or decrease the partitions based on data distribution. Methods repartition and coalesce helps us to repartition.

Scala String Interpolation

Introduction String Interpolation refers to substitution of defined variables or expressions in a given String with respected values. String Interpolation allows users to embed variable references directly in processed string literals. Here’s an example: And, here’s an example which does not uses any…

Multiline Strings in Scala

You want to create multiline strings within your Scala source code, like you can with the heredoc syntax of other languages and help in escaping quotes and other symbols. A heredoc is a way to define a multiline string, whilemaintaining the original indentation &…